7 Proven Tips To Win Your Ex Back

Proven tips to win your ex back

It’s been two weeks or more since you broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you’ve been moping all day and night, regretting what has just happened. Or maybe you’ve been a princess who turned into a damsel in distress, because you don’t want to tag your boyfriend or girlfriend as your EX forever! So you begin to think that there’s nothing better to do but to reminisce on the good old times that you and your ex used to have together.

When you find yourself in this situation, stop right there! Do you still have feelings for your ex? Do you want to hold your ex back in your arms again? Then it’s time to stop moping and start to do some winning. Yes, you can win your ex back. You may be thinking “I don’t know how” or “what if it goes all wrong?” The answer is that you’ll never know unless you take the first step. Make that bold move. If you want to win your ex back, here are seven proven ways to help you do that.

I never changed my mind about you. I tried to, but there is just something about you that something inside me just won't let go of.


Tip #1

Stop all contact. I know there’s a big question mark in your head right now but if you want to win your ex back, time and timing is the key. Give both of yourselves the time apart to be alone, recover from what has just happened, and regain your individuality especially if your world has been revolving around him or her for the past few years or months.

Tip #2

Initiate contact. After a reasonable period of time of about two weeks to a month, initiate the first contact. You won’t get anywhere near winning your ex back if you keep on waiting for him or her to make the first move. When you do the first contact, please observe discretion. Don’t immediately flood his or her email and/or phone with your messages and missed calls. A short “hello, how are you” would suffice. The initial contact should let your ex know that you’re still thinking about him or her.

Tip #3

Work on the Physical Attraction. Let’s admit it, it’s always the physical attributes of a person that an individual takes notice of first. So, allow this time apart to shape up and get fit. Get a new haircut, color your hair, go to the gym, work on your wardrobe, and smell good. Looking good helps you to feel good. Feeling good increases your sex appeal and confidence that will turn the attention of your ex towards you again.

Tip #4

Be emotionally sound. Don’t stop on being physically attractive but work on being emotionally strong as well. You can look good for all your ex cares but if you’re still a wreck, you won’t be sending SOS signals to your ex. You’d be sending more of the time-to-get-away and good-thing-I-broke-up-with-him/her signal. To get to the stage of being emotionally sound starts with positive thinking. Do what you love to do that you never got to do before. Explore things and talents about yourself that you never thought you had. Spend time pampering yourself, get a massage, sweat out in a game, or just relax at home. The time alone is the best time to get in touch with yourself and be whole again.

Tip #5

Be financially stable. Security can mean a lot of things in a relationship. When your ex looks at you, you want him or her to think that with you she will be physically safe, emotionally sheltered, and financially secure. Show your ex that you are able to care for her and satisfy her needs. Get yourself a job, work hard to earn a promotion, and save up.

Tip #6

Ask Your Ex Out. Remember that initial contact? Well, I hope you didn’t stop. An occasional text or email or call once a week would be a great way to maintain contact and repair the friendship that was broken. When you’ve gone through all the steps and have established yourself, then ask your ex out for a simple coffee or a stroll in the park. Again, observe discretion and avoid drowning your ex with your uncontained emotions. Keep yourself together. Give him or her the personal space so that they can feel safe around you, yet close enough to show your ex that you are still madly in-love with them.

Tip #7

Pop the Question. When you’ve both enjoyed each other’s company again, then pop the question. Ask your ex if he or she wants to get back together with you again. Make your ex feel that he or she is never going to feel this way again with another person but you. Don’t forget to be the gentleman or lady that you are and give your ex the time to consider things over rather than pushing him or her to make a decision at that very moment.

Winning back your ex is not an impossible feat to do. Couples break up and get back together again, that’s the full reality. When your ex broke up with you, don’t treat it as if it’s the end of the world. If the same feelings of love and care remain, then get yourself together again and win your ex back with these proven tips.

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