Sex Appeal: The Mindset You Need To Get Your Ex Back

Sex appeal the mindset you need to win your ex back

Is image everything? If you find yourself broken hearted because your girlfriend or boyfriend dumped you, it may just need for you to revamp things up a bit – yes, that means to improve your sex appeal. Improving your image may seem passé to you but it does bear a lot of weight in attracting people. Think about it. What was it that your girlfriend or boyfriend first attracted them to you? Was it your style of dressing? Was it the way you flip your hair casually? Was it the way you carried yourself? Or was it those red and luscious lips? Image is important. But more than that, is having a great sex appeal.

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Does Sex Appeal Equate to Sex?

Sex appeal does not mean that you go knocking on your ex’s door and offering your body. No! Defined, sex appeal refers to the individual’s immediate appeal or potential to stir other people’s interest or excitement through appearance. To the simplest definition, this can mean carrying yourself with confidence. Walking without bowing down your head, talking to other people without stooping down your shoulders, and looking at another person without casting your eyes down all the time are just some examples of how you can start increasing your sex appeal.

Imagine when your ex sees you this way? He or she would be expecting for your whole world to crumble and yet there you are, walking and talking with confidence. That would definitely spark the curiosity of your ex.

Does Sex Appeal Equate to Being Provocative?

Right now, you must be thinking, “I want more than my ex’s curiosity. What I want is for my ex to want me back.” Good for you! Yes, curiosity definitely won’t be enough to win your ex back. This, however, does not mean that you have to dress and act provocatively. You don’t want your ex to think you’ve suddenly become a flirt or a tease, especially not to others. If sexual provocation gets you your partner back, then it’s not your heart he or she is after.

So how do you improve your sex appeal without being provocative? Dress to look good. To its simplest definition, it can mean combing and styling your hair that flatters your face most. Dress yourself in the most flattering but not provocative clothes. Use perfume just enough not to drown your ex and others in its scent. For women, put on make-up that enhances your best facial features. For guys, iron your shirts or shave your growing stubble. It’s all about enhancing what you already have. Take note of the use of the word “enhancing” to make yourself look attractive, not to show off to others.

Does Sex Appeal Mean to Throw Myself at My Ex?

Definitely not! You don’t have to throw yourself at your ex just for him or her to take notice of you. To have a good sex appeal means that your ex will be drawn to you as if magnetized to you even from a distance.

How can you do this? Simply by loving your own body and feeling comfortable in your own skin. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not so that your ex will notice you. Be smart and sexy at the same time. Don’t think that just by being and acting cute can win you your ex back. When you want to win your ex back, you’ve got to show him or her that there’s more to you than just your body.

Remember, when it comes to winning your ex back, it’s all about a change in attitude. Change the way you view yourself. Instead of looking down on yourself because your boyfriend or girlfriend just broke up with you, think of this as a spring where you can jump from to improve yourself. Lastly, rather than trying your hardest to look good so that your ex will notice you, what you can do better is to start doing that for yourself. When you do, heads will turn towards you and not just your ex!

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