How To Get Back Together With Your Ex

How To Get Back Together With Your Ex

Has your relationship with your partner gone sour and so you end up losing him/her? Do you want the person back again because you realized that being with him or her is just so much better than your pride? Now, think of any reason why you want to get back with your ex in the first place. Is the reason sensible enough for you to even consider being with that person again? If yes, then maybe it’s time for you to do the tricks on winning his or her heart back again!

And the past doesnt matter anymore. Youre here, Im here, and for once it feels beautiful.


But winning your ex back is not as easy and quick as instant coffee. You still have a lot of things to consider before being able to pull it off. Sometimes you may even end up in a hopeless situation. But do not worry, there is still a great chance you can get back together with your ex. Let’s face it, couples break up and get back together all the time. So don’t cast your eyes down and mope in a corner in your room. Get out of that corner, out that door and get back with your ex! These tips will tell you how.

  1. Say sorry and mean it. You may have broken up because of some individual problem, like one of you has this mean, controlling, too possessive or too clingy attitude. So you have to acknowledge that personal problem of yours with your partner. Say sorry and promise to change those negative attitude and bad habits you have and you should mean it whole-heartedly.
  2. Be an honest to goodness fella. One of the worst things you can do in a relationship is to lie. Lying can worsen any problem you have with your partner. So it’s always better to tell the truth rather than giving false remarks. You’re together in a relationship for the very reason that you need someone to air out everything you do in life, good or bad. So, why lie?
  3. Square off. Learn how to compromise in a relationship. There are two of you in a relationship. This means working with each other to make the relationship work. Compromising may not seem natural to you. In fact, you may even be taken outside of your comfort zone at times but it’s all about trust in a relationship. When you settle for a compromise, it has to be for the better good of both partners. Remember that when you compromise in a relationship, it shouldn’t mean you are losing something, but gaining something much better.
  4. Go natural. Always be yourself. Do not change those points that made your partner fall in love with you. He/she may fall for it the second time around. Never pretend to be someone you are not.
  5. Smile. Smiling always does the trick; whether he/she is across the distance, do not forget to send away that smile you have just for him/her. Actions can speak louder than words. Smiling at your ex will let him or her know that you still want to have them back.
  6. It is better the second time around. The second time is always the sweetest so they say. Make this true for you. If you want to be together with your ex back again, then make her or him feel that it’ll be better this time around. Make him or her feel that this time she will have a wonderful relationship to look forward to. The second time around is always the second chance to a better relationship. Learn from past mistakes and strive never to do it again.
  7. Positive vibes. Always think positive! Thinking positively will help you increase your outlook in life. Positive-thinking will also reflect outwardly. This means you gain better confidence about yourself, resulting in a much better self-concept and appeal that your ex is sure to take notice.

Getting back with your ex is not an impossible feat. It is very much possible but you have to take note of your reasons for doing so. Be sincere, both to yourself and your ex. If you still honestly and sincerely feel something for your ex, then go ahead and follow these effective tips. If you no longer feel anything or if you’re motives aren’t right, then don’t go any further. You will only be hurting yourself and your ex the second time around.