5 Psychological Tips And Tricks To Get Your Ex Back

5 Psychological Tips And Tricks To Get Your Ex Back

While your friends would surely tell you to let go and move on, there are simply some things you can’t – at least not yet or maybe not ever. But before you do decide to get your ex back, there are three questions I’d like for you to think about:

Q1: Is your ex absolutely worth the effort? Think about how he or she treated you in the past.

Q2: Is the relationship worth saving? Think about your fights and your good times together and try to see which weighs greater.

Q3: Do you really, truly want your ex back or are your reasons all twisted? If you’re thinking of revenge or if you just can’t face life being single, you might want to rethink this. Don’t waste your energy if you don’t have feelings for your partner anymore.

It takes guts to fall in love, but it takes nerve to go back to the one who broke you.


So if you’ve finally decided he or she is really the perfect catch, here are 5 very useful tips and tricks psychology has so brilliantly suggested for you to get your ex back:

Tip #1 Show off a New You

In my experience, even when it’s just a huge fight that I feel might lead to a break up, I “beautify” myself. Sometimes it’s a new haircut, a new hairstyle, or simply wearing something that I know my partner likes but isn’t the usual. For guys, get some new clothes! Invest in yourself! Iron out those clothes that have been lying crumpled in your closet! Take a shower, shave, comb your hair!

But here’s a fair warning: don’t overdo it! Remember to make it look simple and close to the normal you; only highlight something about you. Make it look effortless even when it’s REALLY not.

People would always notice this about me and they’d often wonder why I’d be so radiant. Now, this certainly will never fail to catch your partner’s attention either.

Tip #2 Do the Opposite

Now that you’ve already caught your ex-partner’s attention, they should be scrambling for ways to get near you again. Otherwise I’m sure they’re just trying to contain it. So here’s what’s next: do the opposite of what your ex thinks you’ll do.

Calling, texting, and sending break up quotes or love quotes; these are some examples of things your ex will expect from you. So do the opposite, even if it goes against every fiber of your being.

Just poke their pride enough for them to see what they are really missing. So instead of breaking down and being depressed, stay inspired.

Tip #3 Appear Uninterested

Show your ex that contrary to what he or she thinks; they don’t know everything about you. This will start to rekindle your ex-partner’s desire to get to know you more.

Similar to doing the opposite, make your ex wait at times. In a group you might want to simply nod a response to topics that he or she brings up (along with your sweetest smile) and change the topic or address someone else in the group. You might also want to wait a bit before you reply to your ex-partner’s messages or if they call try to wait for the 3rd or 4th ring before answering. This’ll give your ex a bit of a challenge. And everyone loves a good challenge.

Tip #4 Learn Reverse Psychology

If your ex is already with someone else, don’t fret. The key is for you to never bad mouth the enemy. At least never to do it in front of your ex, right? We’re supposed to keep our friends close and our enemies even closer.

Never appear jealous. Stay cool. The key is to show your ex that you’re mature. Aside from gaining respect for yourself, your ex will start seeing you in a better light.

Tip #5 Don’t Always Answer to His Needs

This is the best way you can actually make your ex-partner feel that he or she has really lost a big part of themselves by losing you.

In most cases, days after your break up you might end up becoming their slave instead of their friend hoping that they’ll want you back. If you’re doing that, your ex will never ask you back. They’ll just use you instead.

Note that the goal is to make your ex see how much he or she needs you.

Realize that just like any other thing; when you’re focused on your goal, you plan and do everything you can to grab it, not to jeopardize it instead. The biggest advice I can give is for you to change for yourself, not for your ex. Remember, authentic change gives greater impact. GOOD LUCK!

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