How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

If you’re reading this, then it’s safe to conclude that your boyfriend has left you. You and your boyfriend officially belong to the “Ex” category now. But if you’re thinking of re-kindling that romance, don’t fret! It is still possible! It doesn’t matter if it was a “he said, she said” issue, when you read this article, you will be getting back together with your ex boyfriend again and this time it’s going to be for keeps.

Plan Your Attack

Strategy, strategy, strategy; it’s all about strategy if you want to get your ex boyfriend back. Staying cooped up in your room won’t get you any closer to him. Get up out of that bed! Wipe away those tears! Clear your head and plan! Instinct won’t help you get your ex boyfriend back because instinct at this point will tell you to go and show him how miserable you are. Rather, plan and think about the state your ex boyfriend is in now. Think about what he liked about you before. Think about what has changed between the two of you. When you have thought about all those and answered those thoughts, it’s time for you to act.

Develop a Powerful Mindset

You are depressed right now. It’s understandable but if you want to get your ex boyfriend back, you have to beat that depression! Developing a powerful mindset all starts with positive thinking. Rather than replaying in your thoughts the break up that has just happened and thinking of lonely nights ahead, think positive! Use positive affirmations on yourself. Tell yourself how beautiful you are and how talented you are. Spend time to just clear your head through meditation and continue to use words of affirmation on yourself. Write on your journal. If you’ve stopped, then go back to it. If you haven’t started yet, then get a journal and pencil and begin writing. This will help you vent out any negative feelings about yourself. Let it be your outlet so that all you have left are positive feelings of yourself and a positive self-concept will help captivate his heart back again.

Beautify Yourself

In every woman is an inner goddess. If you haven’t unleashed that yet, then now is the time to let it out. You won’t gain your ex boyfriend’s attraction by looking disheveled and depressed. Make yourself look good! It doesn’t have to be expensive! That’s the beauty of being a woman. Style your hair differently, use clothes you haven’t worn before, mix and match your clothes to follow the latest trends. Wear make-up to enhance your eyes, your cheekbones, or your lips. And of course, get in shape! Aside from getting fit, your body will release endorphins, natural mood elevators that will help you feel good about yourself.

Become a Social Butterfly

Now that you’re comfortable with your inner beauty, don’t keep it all to yourself. Show to the whole world that your life is not over yet just because he has left you. Instead, show them that your life has just begun. Rather than staying cooped up in your room, go out and get your life back on track. Attend the latest parties and events wearing that dress he loves on you. Contact friends and invite them to a night out. Go to places where you know he’ll be and act naturally around him even from afar. Meet other guys and socialize with them. Getting a positive feedback from them will help you gain your confidence again; confidence needed to help you get your ex back.

Make Him an Offer He Can’t Refuse

You’re looking good, feeling confident, and being the attractive woman that you are. Now is the time to get him back. Push away the fear of rejection. Don’t entertain thoughts of “what if” or “maybe” and just go ahead with the plan you initiated in the first place. You have now become the woman that first attracted him to you and even more. Initiate contact, set a date to meet over dinner or coffee, and make him an offer that he cannot say no to – an offer to get back together with you.

Following these steps will help you get yourself together again. Your ex boyfriend wouldn’t want an emotional wreck. When he sees you the way you are now he’s going to begin regretting the decision he ever let you go in the first place. Men love their women confident and strong and yet gentle and responsive to them. Getting your ex boyfriend back is all about spurring the attraction in him for you again. Make himself attractive to you using these steps and see him say yes to you when you offer to get back together again.

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